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admin / November 22nd, 2019

Hello there!!!

Yesterday, this site was celebrating 4 years online. It was a hard time because of my personal problems but I really love this site and will try my best to keep this online.

I wanted to do a big gallery update for the celebration, but sadly, I was sick. But I will try to do that the next week, so, please, keep visiting the site. Also, I wanted to order a new layout for the site, but, sadly, I haven’t the money.

I would like to thank all the visitors of the site and the people who support this, without you, this site has not sense. Also, thanks to Eddie, for his talent.

Remember, you can help this site to keep online and get stuff, I really need this because time is hard for me right now, but I don’t want to loose this site. Just, feel free to go here to donate. Every little bit helps and will be used to get stuff, pay host and renew domain. Also, you can contact me for watever or if you want to know more.

A big hug for you all.

admin / August 15th, 2018

I would like to let you know why I am not updating this site often. I have to say that this is not my best summer. I am sick and also, I am having some personal problems. My partner needed to live in a new city so, I am alone trying to find a new apartment cheapest, and how I am unemployed, it is very difficult.

Anyway, I am going to add all the updates today and the next days because I don’t want to loose the sites. I really love this! As always, any help os very appreciated. If you want to donate to help me get more stuff, please, feel free to go here. Every little bit helps. Also, you are free to contact me if you want to talk. Thanks for all.

admin / October 18th, 2017

Just a quit update to let you all know that now, our main url is eddie-redmayne.com Please, save this one because the other one is going to dissapear soon.

Also, some big updates are coming in a few days. I am going to make a big gallery update with tons of new stuff. If you want to help and support this site, please, feel free to go here to donate. Every little bit helps.

Thanks to everyone.

admin / September 2nd, 2017

I am so happy to inform you that we have new layouts at Eddie Redmayne Central. I would like to thank to Gemma and Nick who made this possible.

I am planning to do a big update here in a few days, I am going to be so busy this next week but I am going to do a lot of things soon. If you want to donate to get stuff, renew the domain (I need to do that this week) or whatever, please, feel free to do. Every little bit helps. Also, I am trying to get some great photoshoots of Eddie to upload here, so, please, come back soon.

If you find any errors or have suggestions, please, let me know. Every comment will help to this site.

admin / December 24th, 2016


Just a small message to wish you all Happy Holidays!! This year wasn’t good to me. I am sick and unemployed and making fansites was like a therapy for me. Thanks to all the fans that I am knowing and thanks to all the visitors. You all made me happy.

I am going to try to make a big gallery update before the year ends. Going to try this the next week. Also, remember that you can help to this site to get some great suff, just go to donate, every little bit helps.

Trying the best with this site the next year. Any comments, suggestions…will be more than appreciated.

Make all your dreams come true and enjoy this season. May the blessings of this season fill your heart with peace, love and laughter. Happy Holiday season.


admin / November 29th, 2016

As I promised for the celebration of 1 year online, I have added new layouts here. What do you think?? I really loved the new photoshoots so, I wanted a new style with those shoots.

I still need to add some stuff and everything so, I am looking for suggestions to improve this site. Feel free to contact me for anything.

Thanks to everyone for the support to this site.

admin / November 21st, 2016

Today I am so happy because Eddie Redmayne Central is celebrating 1 year online. I still need to add tons of stuff here, tons of old photos and more things. I wanted to do something special for this day but sadly, I didn’t get the time. Anyway, I will try to do something in the next days.

I need to say, thanks to everyone for the support and for visiting the site. Without you…what is the sense? Thanks for the comments and thanks for everything.

Please, keep supporting and visiting this site.

admin / September 28th, 2016

I am so happy because I bought a new domain for the site, eddie-redmayne.com. So, you can save this new url if you want.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you can now reach the site through either eddie-redmayne.com or eddie-redmayne.com.

Thanks to everyone for the support to the site.

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